Valefar's Vestige

Grand Theft Autopsy

Do clones have souls?

Tock brought the team in and showed them a printed photographic of a human none of them recognized. She explained his name was Mattias Gonzalez, and he was an employee of Aztechnology who had recently gone rogue and left the company. Aztechnology had posted a bounty for his arrest and return, as you can’t just ‘leave’ a megacorp without them saying it’s okay. That much of the story is fairly normal.

Where it got interesting is that the day before the team’s meeting, Mattias Gonzalez had been found in a gutter somewhere, killed by a vampire, and his body had been taken to a street docs chop shop. At the same time, Mattias Gonzalez had been reported dead by Aztechnology and taken to a small Aztechnology owned but poorly maintained hospital morgue. And the bounty on Mattias Gonzalez had not been lifted. This meant there were two different bodies being called Mattias Gonzalez. One Aztechnology knew was dead and was in their morgue. The other Aztechnology wanted to get their hands on, and was in a street docs clinic. Valefar wanted to know “Why are there two Mattias Gonzalezes and why were they both reported dead the same day?”

The team was hired to break into the morgue and A) confirm the other body was Mattias Gonzalez. and B) steal his autopsy report. The team started by tracking down the “escaped” Mattias. One Astral Assenssing of his body later, it was confirmed that he was killed by vampire’s sucking out his essence, and that he had some kind of cyberware artificial heart. They also learned that either Tick or Tock had purchased his body.

They scouted out the hospital and pulled another Derrick on one of the employees. They stuck CopyKat in a bodybag, dressed up in scrubs, and 1412 dressed as ‘The Derrick’ pretended to be showing the others how the process of taking a body to the morgue worked. They had intended to bypass the two additional guards posted outside, leave the bag behind, where CopyKat would sneak out, grab the Autopsy, check the body, and mistform out of there.

What they didn’t account for was that they had done all their planning at night and by the time they had implemented the Doctor was back in the morgue. They dropped off the body, and then stalled for time in the hallway while CopyKat tried to figure out what to do. Things quickly escalated into a firefight, with Sy-Wren dropping at one point but being narrowly saved by Shrike (who got her first kill of her life in the same battle). They dropped both security guards, Incapacitated the Doc (who they intended to take prisoner but he bled out during their escape), found the body, and shoved all the paperwork on the desk into a bag.

The Body, after being astrally assenssed, was nearly identical to the other one. Same physiology, nearly idential astral signature, same birthmarks, also had some kind of cyberware heart implant, and had also clearly died from essence lost. The only difference was he had none of the physical signs of a vampire attack (no wounds, no blood) and he didn’t have the echo of emotional trauma that a vampire attack leaves behind (where a trace of fear and pain and panic was on the other body there was only a faint residual exhaustion on this one).

The team made their escape, dumped the doc’s body and their stolen ambulance, and met back at 1412’s place to discuss things. They found the Autopsy report in the bag, and it confirmed that though Essence Loss was the suspected cause of death, no apparent cause of Essence Loss could be found. Mattias had reportedly just grown pale and keeled over while at work. During this conversation 1412 came out about being a clone, and was accepted warmly by the group.

The team then went into a Faraday cage, shut off all their electronics, and then had a chat about their employer. They weren’t sure if they liked the idea of working for Valefar if Valefar really was an AI, and they wanted to start to put together a ‘bigger picture game plan’. They came to the consensus that, despite what they’d been told, they doubt they’d be able to leave so easily, and if Valefar is up to something big and bad sticking close will give them the best edge to stop whatever happens. A written transcript of this conversation was made and given to Eiji and Banshee, so that no digital copy would exist but they would both be able to get in on the conversation.

The Autopsy and Information was given to Tock, and payment was received.

Runners: 1412, Banshee, CopyKat, Shrike, Sy-Wren
Mr. Johnson: Tock
Date: 1-26-2073
Run Time: 28 hours
Retrieved: Autopsy of Mattias Gonzalez
Payoff: ¥15,000 each
Karma: 7 (+1 Survival, +2 Objectives, +1 Threat, +1 Roleplaying, +2 Plot)

Session Quotes:

“Aw, Beans.” -1412 in the least-subtle nametag drop ever performed

CopyKat: “I’m a vampire, Banshee’s a gamer, we all have problems.”
Sy-Wren: "I like how ‘gamer’ ranks above ‘drug-addict’ on your list of ‘example problems in the group.’ "



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