Valefar's Vestige

Guidelines Not Included

The infamous "Arrested for Warcrimes" incident

Mr. Johnson explained that their organization had tracked down a lead towards the betrayal of one of their teams. Said lead wasn’t presumed to have been involved, but was connected and knew information that he wasn’t giving up. He was a researcher by the name of Lucas Went at a drone development company. The party was instructed to not harm him, but to show him that Valefar could thoroughly ruin his life if he wasn’t compliant. “Destroy his research” was one suggestion, but no hard requirements other than not directly injuring him were given.

The team started by scoping out the building, which seemed to be going well until right as they started sneaking in the front door a security drone crash landed right next to them. Panicked, the team rushed in. After dicking around in his lab and the security office they go to make their escape only to find that between them and the front door are a ton of simple security drones. Eiji rips through most of them single handedly, the team finishes off the rest, and they bolt. They don’t really feel like they’ve accomplished their goal, though, as the rush of everything meant they couldn’t do a thorough job.

So they track down Lucas’s home address and break into his place while he’s out. Just inside the door they’re nailed by two security drones with some nasty chemical weapons. They break the drones and bail before Lone Star can show up in response to the alarm. Lone Star shows up, discovers the drones and lingering chemical sprays, and arrests Lucas Went for possession of drones dispensing highly illegal chemical warfare.

Given that their job was to “show that Valefar could ruin his life” not “actually ruin his life” The Heterochromatic Elf gives them next to nothing in payment and remarks that they’ll never get a run with this much room for creativity again.

Runners: 1412, Banshee, Shrike, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan
Mr. Johnson: Heterochromatic Elf
Date: 8-26-2072
Run Time: 16 hours
Casualties: None
Retrieved: Two Severe Injuries, Over a dozen Beat Up Drones, and One War Criminal
Payoff: Jack All
Karma: 5 (+1 Survival, +1 Roleplaying, +3 First Session Bonus)

Session Quotes:

“I’d rather not work out a plan in the middle of a job.”
“Isn’t that our specialty?”

“I mean, she’s pretty petite but she could crush a medium sized cantaloupe between her thighs” – Concerning Shrike



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