Valefar's Vestige

High Risk, Low Stakes Negotiations

Is it stealing if they stole it first?

Mr. Johnson, who was Boom for this run, as Tock (who he accidentally revealed the name of) was “away on other business.” The job was simple: Valefar had their eyes on something, but a runner team stole it. When they went to deliver it, their Johnson tried to betray them, so given that this other team (not affiliated with H.A.T.) had an item and no way to fence it, Valefar tasked the group with retrieving it. The means were unimportant.

The team first considered stealing it, but after locating and scouting out the other team’s hideout decided trying to steal from a bunch of runners who were already expecting trouble would only end in a lot of bloodshed. And given that, up to this point, the team had only ever fought drones, and most of the fighting was done by Eiji, they figured it would likely not be the other team’s blood that was shed. So they got the Face’s number and tried to contact him. That didn’t quite pan out well, so they found themselves needing an intermediary for the negotiations.

Enter Jackie Finn, host of a “strictly fictional” radio show focused on negotiations between shadowrunners. They get connected and begin negotiating prices. It becomes clear that, whatever mess the other team has gotten themselves into, it isn’t good. They had been banking on their Johnson giving them the payment, which they needed in order to finish an unrelated run. Instead, they had found themselves up a crystal they couldn’t sell, out the payment, and down a teammate/friend. This proved to make an interesting negotiating platform, as they were desperate (a plus for our team), but also strictly unwilling to drop beneath a certain price (a minus for our team), but also sad and scared (which is a minus for our team because most of them are sentimental saps). Despite our runners’ sentimental side, they played shrewd negotiators and managed to barter the other team down below their minimum. Payment details were made and the team picked the crystal up later from the radio station.

The Crystal, after being assensed, exhibited some strange properties. It appeared to be some kind of astral energy converter or channeler, taking in magical energy in one form and somehow modifying it before it left. Like a lens of sorts. Precisely what kind of magical energy it could take in, and what it would do to it, remained unclear.

The team gave Boom the crystal, received payment, and sent a fruit basket to the now known address of the other team. They’ve never followed up on it though, as it’s apparently better to just believe that the other team is happy and fine than to risk finding out that they’re not and admitting that if the other team is all dead it’s probably at least in part due to the shrewd negotiations.

Runners: 1412, Banshee, CopyKat, Shrike, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan
Mr. Johnson: Boom
Date: 9-23-2072
Run Time: 2 Days
Casualties: None
Retrieved: One Weird Crystal, One New Favorite Morning Radio DJ
Karma: 6 (+1 Survival, +1 Run Completion, +1 Roleplaying, +3 First Session Bonus)

Session Quotes:

“Are there black market payment plans?”



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