Valefar's Vestige

Sunken Treasure

We all live in a little submarine...

Before Banshee, Shrike, and 1412 have time to really cope with the probably death of CopyKat, they’re called in by Tick, Tock, and Boom for another job. They explain that ten years ago a job went south in the Bering Strait. Valefar had found what they were looking for, but were attacked before they could get it back to the mainland. The ship they were using for disguise sunk, but an escape pod carrying their cargo was jettisoned before hand.

Enough time has passed that Valefar was now confident they could sneak back up there and finish the job, especially given that two high tech submarines had just fallen into their hands. Tick, Tock, and Boom would pilot one. Banshee, Shrike, and 1412 would pilot the other. The submarines, stolen as they were, had a complex failsafe to periodically look unauthorized users out. A permanent override was possible, but would require complex hardware changes. Because the job was going to run completely off grid (no commlinks or outside communication) they needed Banshee there in person. The plan was to navigate up to the wreckage, and then search for the jettisoned escape pod. During this time, every 8 hours the two ships would need to meet up and Banshee would institute the new override, which would be carried to the other ship by Shrike. This meant shrike got to spend some quality time with Boom.

In fact, everyone got to spend a lot of quality time with each other. It’s amazing nobody killed anyone else. There was much roleplaying.

When they finally found the wreckage, they swam out to retrieve their prize: A large octopus. It had allegedly been quite small originally, but its growth was of no consequence. Tock informed the team that they’d only need one of its tentacles, not the entire creature. They could always grow a new one if they had a big enough sample. So the team fought a magical octopus underwater, the octopus occasionally lighting up and sending out some kind of magical pulse to hit everyone around it. But they successfully killed it, removed two tentacles (one for each ship) and carried their cargo during the week journey home.

As an interesting side note, despite it sitting in a room on a submarine for a whole week’s journey, the tentacle didn’t ever seem to begin to rot or smell.

The team made it home safely, gave up the tentacle, and were given payment as well as owndership of the submarine (which is actively being sought by Ares Macrotechnology).

Runners: Banshee, Shrike, 1412
Mr. Johnson: Tick Tock Boom
Date: November 2072
Run Time: ~month
Retrieved: Magical Octopus Bits
Payoff: ¥35,000 each
Karma: 8 (+1 Survival, +1 Objective, +1 Threat, +4 Roleplaying , +1 Plot)

Session Quotes:

“Do I need to roll for embarrassment to get in that car?”

“So, three chicks in a purple minivan roll up to the docks blasting troll metal and hyped up on Halloween candy. One is angry, one is excited, and one is subdued.”

Shrike: “Forced Optimism – The story of Shrike’s Life.”
Banshee: “Justified Pessimism – The story of Banshee’s Life.”
1412: “Disassociation…..”

Shrike: “I like your optimism, that’s the spirit!”
Banshee: “Don’t touch me.”



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