Valefar's Vestige

Secret Basements

Does everyone have one?

—Temp Summary, better one coming soon

The party tries to get more leads on whatever vampire business is going down. After a little digging, they find someone who, if not in charge of the shady dealings, has at least some information on them: Wendy Bollinger (a.k.a. Adult Entertainer Stacy Starr [a.k.a. Vampire Mistress “Vixen”]). They scope out Wendy/Stacy/Vixen’s estate, and decide it looks safe enough to break into and snoop around. After some snooping they find a secret basement and have a meeting with Vixen and some of her underlyings. They set up a meet to talk more, at the freshly re-abandoned warehouse that was briefly a vampire factory. She shows up, with two vans, and opens fire. 1412, who had been set up in a sniper position, shoots her twice in the chest while CopyKat shoots off a fireball. It doesn’t kill anyone, but creates enough chaos that the two vans stop firing and take off into the night (running over Copykat’s motorcycle in the process).

Much of that has probably been forgotten by the party, however, because of what happened the next day.

Twitchy and Shrike independently go to check out the Usual Loophole, following the previous night’s ambush attempts. Shrike waves Twitchy over to the coffee shop, where they have a conversation about being tired of getting left in the dark, and wanting answers. Twitchy had been planning on talking to Valefar for a couple days before, and it was decided that the best way to get his attention was to break the rules. They walk over to the closed down club (The Usual Loophole), where Shrike picks the lock to a side door. A short and lucky investigation later, Twitchy uncovers a secret hatch to a secret basement where, presumably, secrets lie. Shrike, picks a much more difficult lock leading down to yet another door. Both are getting anxious by the very clear warning signs, but Twitchy’s curiosity (and frustration) had hit the tipping point, and he convinces her to press on. While working on disabling the key padded metal door, Strike reveals that the two weeks she had allegedly been off the grid were lost time, and she’d been trying to uncover just what had happened, also admitting that she’d had her first kill, and talking with Talia earlier had triggered flashbacks and the feeling of lost time again, and was scared she’d compromised the team. Twitchy speculates that she may have had mental programming, trying to remain honest about how bad the consequences were if that was the case, while also providing reassurance that, “No matter what may have been done, it’s not your fault.” The door finally clicks open, which triggers Deep Shrike, who then shoots Twitchy in the back. There is a brief struggle, and Deep Shrike is overpowered, and has a mental shutdown.

Within the room is a complex setup. Two life support tanks, one featuring a Magical Octopus, the other containing a clone of Talia with a large, freshly healed scar over her heart. Connecting the two tanks is a complex series of tubes and machinery, including the crystal that Copykat theorized was some kind of arcane energy converter, and runes similar to those found in the files stolen from Aztechnology. The rest of the party filters in, and they begin discussing what it could be.



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