Valefar's Vestige

Guns, Guts, and Ghouls

Why Eiji should never leave the kids alone

Before the session began, Talia (Eiji’s Daughter) snuck out to a club with her two best friends, and while they were there an unrelated event involving some runners meeting with their Johnson lead to Talia getting exposed to some unknown chemical. She was quickly admitted to the hospital with an unknown magically active disease. The frantic search for a cure was why Eiji missed most of the session, and why Boom met with the team instead of Tock.

Boom called the group in for a job, explaining that this one would be an information gathering job more than anything else. The payment would depend on how much the group found out. All that was known was there had been a slowly growing rise in the number of missing persons, and certain gangs were branching into territories they didn’t normally touch. The group was sent to find out what was going on.

Shrike called in some of her contacts and managed to get a lead. The Halloweeners had apparently been doing some work for Tamanous, presumably through the Disassemblers and the 162s, though the full details of the arrangement were “need to know.” Raja did manage to get Shrike a card that had “Tamanous Drop, Warehouse B, Rear Entrance 162958 BY 11, DO NOT BE LATE” written on it. Using some logical and some map-search-fu, the team locates a warehouse that they believe could be the drop site.

The area has signs of ghouls, and as the team goes in to investigate Sy-Wren manages to critical glitch a climb check to get onto the roof. She twists her ankle and sends several boxes crashing down, bringing a hoard of ghouls rushing onto the scene. Shrike (with Banshee’s Holodisc) hang back, Sy-Wren miraculously manages to make it to the roof, but CopyKat is stuck between a hoard of ghouls and the warehouse door (behind which they’ve discovered is an armored ghoul sitting at a desk). She decides to take her chances with the intelligent ghoul over the hoard.

She bashes the door open and casts a powerful manabolt.

The Ghoul takes it, stands up, presses an alarm button on his desk, and fires once. The round rips into her chest and she falls against the door as it closes behind her, conscious just long enough to “nice shot.”

The team, hearing a single gunshot and CopyKat’s words on com, immediately starts to panic. They try to shoot at ghouls to get them away, but there’s no way in hell they’ll be able to get to her in time to stop the bleeding.

Eiji and 1412 miraculously show up in that instant (Kenny literally running red lights to arrive to the session where characters are allegedly dying). A fight goes down, but everyone knows it’s going to be too late.

Eiji rips through the locked door with his Nodachi, destroying it in the process. He bursts in and mercilessly kills the ghoul, but Copykat is nowhere to be seen. He then bursts into the back room, which is comprised of rows of prison cells, each one featuring a restraints attached to the back wall and a table. In some cells humans lie on the tables and other metahuman variants are shackled to walls. In some the humans are conscious and the other metahuman variants are bloody messes. At the far end, one human has her mouth to CopyKat’s neck. CopyKat crumples to the ground as Eiji bursts in, and without a second thought the woman in the cage gets shot in the head.

While Eiji retrieves CopyKat, the team works on freeing the prisoners locked in the two cages in the front room. They ask for a volunteer to come back with them, and when a dwarf tentatively raises his hand Eiji walks back into the room and kills him. He then leaves the party to take CopyKat, somehow barely alive, to the hospital to be resuscitated and to run HMHVV tests.

The rest of the group goes their separate ways, not sure how to cope with the night’s disaster.

Runners: Banshee, CopyKat, Shrike, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan*, 1412*
Mr. Johnson: Tock
Date: 10-30-2072
Run Time: A day
Casualties: CopyKat
Retrieved: News of a Vampire Factory, One Newly Created Vampire
Karma: 5 (+1 Survival-ish, 1 Objective fulfilled, +2 Threat Level, +1 Roleplaying (extra +1 for Eiji))

Session Quotes:

“With no dad around, Shrike becomes mom. But she’s a cool mom.”

“Critical Glitch.”
“You Bitch.”
“Critical Bitch.”



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