Valefar's Vestige

Sleepless in Seattle

Realizing that everybody looks delicious

CopyKat wakes up in the hospital early on November 1st, and promptly sucks dry a nurse. Before she recovers her full sentience she manages to break out of the hospital and get herself stranded somewhere in the Redmond Barrens. A brief adventure of learning that she’s become a vampire later she manages to get onto the bus Sy-Wren is taking into the city. Sy-Wren, who had already worked with Twitchy Dan on retrieving CopyKat’s belongings and was well aware that she had probably become a vampire, takes her to Twitchy Dan’s. There are long discussions and tears, and Twitchy Dan takes her in. Somewhere in here CopyKat goes home and comes clean to her mom, which ends with an awkward “I need time to process this” that never really gets resolved. CopyKat changes her number when her mom never calls back.

In coping with her new Lifestyle, CopyKat tries to contact Tick, Tock, and Boom, but after she sends the message she instantly gets the reply “Your usual contacts, and the rest of the team, are off the grid on a job. -V” She replies to the message asking for help coping with her new lifestyle, to which she again gets an instant reply " Fang [contact number] -V"

She texts Fang. The exchange goes something like:

“I heard you can help me.”
“What’s the job?”
“No job. I need help… adjusting to a ‘new life.’”
“….so… like, an extraction?”
“No… I’m dealing with some big life changes.”
“Oh. You’re one of Valefar’s brats. Fine. I can’t help you, but I know someone who can. Vlad [contact number].”

She goes to contact Vlad, but instead winds up in contact with someone named Madeline and her assistant Kirin. They inform the group that there has been a surge in the number of vampires created recently, but they’re not being taken care of. Additionally, vampire hunters are on the rise, and a lot of vampires are going missing, possibly more than ‘vampire hunters’ can account for. Even with hardened professionals like Marcos Knight around. In addition to this, stumbling into a vampire factory seems to have gotten someone’s attention, as allegedly there is someone hunting for CopyKat specifically, by description. And not just a vampire hunter, presumably someone in charge of this factory-thing (which Madeline and Kirin both very vocally despise. From what they’ve gathered trying to talk to vampires who have been turned in factories and somehow gotten out of captivity before quickly disappearing, something very well organized and very hush hush is going on in the shadows of Seattle.

Madeline and Kirin give CopyKat the rundown on how vampirism works, and work out a system for getting her a reliable supply of blood for a fair price.

The Team takes the information of “Someone is making vampires” “Vampires are going missing” “Vampire Hunters are all over the place” and “Tamanous and The Halloweeners are somehow involved” to Valefar, in addition to all the recorded footage and such, and get paid a fair penny for it all.

Runners: CopyKat, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan
Mr. Johnson: Continued from Last Run
Date: November 2072
Run Time: ~month
Retrieved: More Vampire Intel
Payoff: ¥35,000 each
Karma: 8 (+1 Survival, +1 Objective, +1 Threat, +4 Roleplaying , +1 Plot)

Session Quotes:

“She’s Dead (Asterisk)”

CopyKat: “I panic at not having my focus.”
GM: “And at being a naked 16 year old girl alone in the Barrens.”
CopyKat: “Eh, that’s less of a concern.”

Sy-Wren: “You’re Looking well”
CopyKat: “I don’t feel well”
GM: “She really doesn’t look well”
Eiji: “Roll a bluff check”

Sy-Wren: “I get you an ’I’m sorry I got you killed by ghouls’ card. And flowers.”



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