Twitchy Dan

Most intimidating dad you've ever seen


Status: Active


Body: 7
Agility: 5 (9)
Reaction: 5 (6)
Strength: 6 (8)
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3
Edge: 1

Skills: Blades (Swords) 7 (8), Clubs 4, Pistols (Heavy) 1, Unarmed Combat 4, Dodge (Range) 3, Perception 1 (4), Athletics 3, Stealth 1, Outdoors 1, Instruction (Combat) 2, Influence 1
Positive Qualities: Aptitude (Blades), Erased, Restricted Gear
Negative Qualities: Dependent, Mild Allergy (Poppy Seeds), Bad Luck
Contacts: Quinton “Q” Tinner (Aug Doc), Loyalty 4, Connection 2


Race: Ork
Height: 2.1 Meters
Weight: 142 Kilos
Hair: Black
Eye: Dark Brown
Skin: Red-Brown

Hair is kept in a tight half-up pony, with an immaculate goatee. HAT is branded on his left shoulder, with a more intricate tatoo of a chainlink forming the H and a sword making the cross in that A and T over top of it. There is a second tatoo of a sun on the inside of his right forearm. Large imposing figure, with a naturally large build only exaggerated by the thick armor jacket (obviously more heavily armored than even traditional armor jackets) and the nodachi at his side. The effect is somewhat diminished by the reading glasses he will occasionally wear. Has resting disapproval face.

Aliases: Eiji Nenki, Juichidan, Byron Saito, Twitchy Dan, Twitchy Dad


There are four things you should know about Eiji Nenki.

First, he is very good with a sword. Possibly the best in the world.
Second, he loves poppy seed muffins. The greatest tragedy of his life is his allergy to poppy seeds.
Third, he does not tolerate any drugs within his household, and has equally little patience drug users.
Fourth, you do not fuck with his little girl.

Eiji was born surrounded by blades, to the ancient samurai family, Shimazu. A prodigy among prodigies with no lack of training, he quickly became famous for his talent at such a young age. Fame at a young age has, historically, not been kind to children. Combine with the general hardships of an ork life, reaching maturity at age 12, left Eiji growing restless, entitled, and utterly disrespectful. He quickly started taking jobs, mostly as a body guard, and would blow all his money just as fast. Chems, BTLs, Augmentations, and the swankiest of clubs. Enough to rack up some serious debt over the next three years, and some serious enemies to go with it. Eventually, an offer came that was just too good to pass up, even if it was the shadiest deal he’d received yet. He didn’t get to know who he worked for, what the pay was, or who it was he was protecting. All that was offered was that his debt would be erased, he would receive a monthly stipend, and in return, all he would have to do is protect the life of a young girl. Without a second thought, he agreed. They gave him a new name, new history, new life and shipped him off to Seattle. In this entire time, he only ever saw two faces, the man who offered him the deal, and the woman who flew him over the ocean.

This is where he first met Talia. Talia was three years old, had lovely brown eyes, liked butterflies, and giggled a little too loudly when the new rough looking ork bumped his head on the door frame. Eiji was not amused, but he didn’t hate her. He was given a bank account number, and a reminder to keep her safe, and then left in the middle of Seattle with a toddler in his arms.

So, over the next twelve years, he took care of her.

The first year was rough, he had no idea what he was doing when it came to kids, having to move every couple weeks to keep the landlords off his back, trying not to step on the toes of the local gangs, and the only income he could get was from that bank account. The next couple years after that, he was able to settle down, finding a small apartment that didn’t complain about the noise, got clean, and grew more accustomed to having Talia in his life. In the back of his mind, he wondered if this month was going to be the last one, but the money kept coming, so he didn’t worry about it too much. He even found a school for Talia (private school, of course, where he felt he could guarantee her safety). On her seventh birthday, he decided she aught to learn at least the basics of martial arts, if only to maybe burn off some of her boundless energy. So they started the routine of getting up two hours before dawn, every morning, and would go through a basic training regime. He quickly realized after that that there just wasn’t enough room in this small apartment anymore, and so he went house hunting one last time, finding a nice neighborhood, a large house with an appropriately sized garden. It was almost perfect. They moved in within a month. The largest problem was, between the new mortgage payments, the generally growing cost of living, and Talia’s private school payments, he just wasn’t making enough to get by anymore. So he found a job, one that could provide for his life and where he could keep an eye on his little girl. He became a gym teacher for St. Augustine’s School For Gifted Children, the private school. That continued on for a couple years, as Eiji renovated his garage from a useless dust gatherer to his own dojo. Finally, on Talia’s tenth birthday, he made two important decisions. One, not only did he care for Talia like his own daughter, but that for all intents and purposes, he was no longer her guardian, but her father. Two, he would train her in the way of the sword. So, in addition to the morning routine, he began to giver he lessons on how to use a blade properly. And in his own time, he began to covertly look into who might have hired him.

It didn’t take long for Eiji to realize that two faces he saw over seven years ago and a bank account was simply not enough to go on. It would take some serious skills to trace either of those back, and even more to do so without being discovered. He simply didn’t have the connections or the skills to do it. Not yet, anyway. So, if he couldn’t protect his little girl, he could make damn sure she could do it herself when the time came. He pulled her out of school, and instead used the money to higher private tutors. Not the kind that would teach history and maths, but more practical skills, like how to not be seen, how to identify the leader of a gang, and most recently, how to seduce. He went part time with his job at the school, only working two days a week. The rest of the time he divided between running his dojo, spending time with his daughter, and brushing up on his old habits.

Finally, at twelve years, almost to the day, a knock came at his door, and upon opening it, a single letter was left on his doorstep. You can never quite leave the shadows behind.

Twitchy Dan

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