Kayla Adams

Ultra Librarian


Name: Kayla Adams
Age: 57
Profession: Librarian
Face claim: Carrie Fisher


All information below is public knowledge or known by friends of the family, but secrets can fill novels.

Kayla is a sharp and determined woman whose philanthropic efforts are well known among the academics of Seattle. She obtained a PhD in Library Sciences and decided to become a mother once she graduated. Kayla never married, opting for artificial insemination to induce the pregnancy. Soon after, her daughter Amari was born. They lived together until Amari’s early teens, at which point her daughter disappeared, and was later presumed dead.
As fate would have it, Amari resurfaced in Seattle at the age of 19 soon after Kayla had taken a position at the city’s public library, and the two reconciled. Kayla was then able to push forward with new initiatives for media acquisition and preservation, unburdened by the past.

Via her profile on the Seattle Public Library page:

Kayla Adams has worked within the public library system for over two decades, and her passion has brought numerous innovations to the field of library science. As we forge on into the future, it becomes increasingly important to preserve and protect our past, and Adams remains on the forefront of these efforts. Over the years she has assisted in the digitization of old and decaying printed media, created server networks to house forgotten websites of the 1990s, and fostered a relationship with a community of patrons and collectors who keep the library thriving with donations and new acquisitions.

This year marked the 11th annual Bloodbook Gala, which was created by Adams as a Halloween-themed fundraiser celebration to take place every October.

Kayla Adams

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