Little is known, and much of what is known contradicts itself


Rumors about Valefar the team has heard (which may or may not be true, of course):

-The Valefar always know where the biggest parties are, which sometimes they use for cover with humanoid trafficking

-The Valefar each have a tattoo to signify their membership. If they fuck up real bad they get a brand over the tattoo.

-Valefar is hideously ugly and has killed everyone who has seen their face.

-Valefar died 15 years ago, if they ever even existed. Everyone who has claimed to be them since then has been lying.

-Valefar uploaded their brain to the Matrix when they died.

-There was once a large gang fight, and for whatever reason something of Valefar’s interest was damaged. Valefar organized a peace meeting between the two gangs, mediated by aan orc who wore a red hat and a badge depicting a smoking gun. The orc was seen leaving the meeting, without the badge or hat, but nobody else made it out alive.

-Valefar hired a maritime vessel in complete secrecy. Some information leaked that the vessel stopped and was diving close to the Bering Straight. They found something, and then all contact was lost.

-Valefar has scales.

-Valefar owned a huge party ship in the Pacific that was shot down by the military.

-Anyone who’s anyone in the shadows is in with Valefar.

-Valefar is a title that is passed person to person.

-The current Valefar is a man.

-If you do a job for Valefar, he will keep his word and you will get paid.
+If you do a job exceptionally well, he will give you special attention (whether this is good or bad is debatable).
+The last group of runners that tried to cross him, however, were used to paint the walls of his mansion.

-Valefar is untouchable.

-If ever you meet with him it’s never actually him. It’s always an impostor, illusion, hologram, representative, or something else. Never him.

-Valefar is a pair of hacker girlfriends
+They’ve each been implanted with the other’s eye, symbolizing that they share the same vision.

-Valefar is a rising gang seeking to overthrow the other bosses.

-Valefar takes out anybody who tries to look into them.



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