Valefar's Vestige

High Risk, Low Stakes Negotiations
Is it stealing if they stole it first?

Mr. Johnson, who was Boom for this run, as Tock (who he accidentally revealed the name of) was “away on other business.” The job was simple: Valefar had their eyes on something, but a runner team stole it. When they went to deliver it, their Johnson tried to betray them, so given that this other team (not affiliated with H.A.T.) had an item and no way to fence it, Valefar tasked the group with retrieving it. The means were unimportant.

The team first considered stealing it, but after locating and scouting out the other team’s hideout decided trying to steal from a bunch of runners who were already expecting trouble would only end in a lot of bloodshed. And given that, up to this point, the team had only ever fought drones, and most of the fighting was done by Eiji, they figured it would likely not be the other team’s blood that was shed. So they got the Face’s number and tried to contact him. That didn’t quite pan out well, so they found themselves needing an intermediary for the negotiations.

Enter Jackie Finn, host of a “strictly fictional” radio show focused on negotiations between shadowrunners. They get connected and begin negotiating prices. It becomes clear that, whatever mess the other team has gotten themselves into, it isn’t good. They had been banking on their Johnson giving them the payment, which they needed in order to finish an unrelated run. Instead, they had found themselves up a crystal they couldn’t sell, out the payment, and down a teammate/friend. This proved to make an interesting negotiating platform, as they were desperate (a plus for our team), but also strictly unwilling to drop beneath a certain price (a minus for our team), but also sad and scared (which is a minus for our team because most of them are sentimental saps). Despite our runners’ sentimental side, they played shrewd negotiators and managed to barter the other team down below their minimum. Payment details were made and the team picked the crystal up later from the radio station.

The Crystal, after being assensed, exhibited some strange properties. It appeared to be some kind of astral energy converter or channeler, taking in magical energy in one form and somehow modifying it before it left. Like a lens of sorts. Precisely what kind of magical energy it could take in, and what it would do to it, remained unclear.

The team gave Boom the crystal, received payment, and sent a fruit basket to the now known address of the other team. They’ve never followed up on it though, as it’s apparently better to just believe that the other team is happy and fine than to risk finding out that they’re not and admitting that if the other team is all dead it’s probably at least in part due to the shrewd negotiations.

Runners: 1412, Banshee, CopyKat, Shrike, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan
Mr. Johnson: Boom
Date: 9-23-2072
Run Time: 2 Days
Casualties: None
Retrieved: One Weird Crystal, One New Favorite Morning Radio DJ
Karma: 6 (+1 Survival, +1 Run Completion, +1 Roleplaying, +3 First Session Bonus)

Session Quotes:

“Are there black market payment plans?”

Guidelines Not Included
The infamous "Arrested for Warcrimes" incident

Mr. Johnson explained that their organization had tracked down a lead towards the betrayal of one of their teams. Said lead wasn’t presumed to have been involved, but was connected and knew information that he wasn’t giving up. He was a researcher by the name of Lucas Went at a drone development company. The party was instructed to not harm him, but to show him that Valefar could thoroughly ruin his life if he wasn’t compliant. “Destroy his research” was one suggestion, but no hard requirements other than not directly injuring him were given.

The team started by scoping out the building, which seemed to be going well until right as they started sneaking in the front door a security drone crash landed right next to them. Panicked, the team rushed in. After dicking around in his lab and the security office they go to make their escape only to find that between them and the front door are a ton of simple security drones. Eiji rips through most of them single handedly, the team finishes off the rest, and they bolt. They don’t really feel like they’ve accomplished their goal, though, as the rush of everything meant they couldn’t do a thorough job.

So they track down Lucas’s home address and break into his place while he’s out. Just inside the door they’re nailed by two security drones with some nasty chemical weapons. They break the drones and bail before Lone Star can show up in response to the alarm. Lone Star shows up, discovers the drones and lingering chemical sprays, and arrests Lucas Went for possession of drones dispensing highly illegal chemical warfare.

Given that their job was to “show that Valefar could ruin his life” not “actually ruin his life” The Heterochromatic Elf gives them next to nothing in payment and remarks that they’ll never get a run with this much room for creativity again.

Runners: 1412, Banshee, Shrike, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan
Mr. Johnson: Heterochromatic Elf
Date: 8-26-2072
Run Time: 16 hours
Casualties: None
Retrieved: Two Severe Injuries, Over a dozen Beat Up Drones, and One War Criminal
Payoff: Jack All
Karma: 5 (+1 Survival, +1 Roleplaying, +3 First Session Bonus)

Session Quotes:

“I’d rather not work out a plan in the middle of a job.”
“Isn’t that our specialty?”

“I mean, she’s pretty petite but she could crush a medium sized cantaloupe between her thighs” – Concerning Shrike

A Clean Slate
Item Retrieval from a Clean-Up Company

1412, Twitchy Dan, Kopycat, Banshee, and Shrike were separately contacted, each given the address to a small club (Nico’s), a table number (8), and a date and time (7/22/2071, 7 PM). They cautiously assemble in the place and make a little small talk while they wait. Around 7:15 a chromed troll limps into the place, apologizing for being late and escorts them outside where a limousine is waiting. A short ride later they find themselves outside of The Usual Loophole. The troll leads them through the back entrance and down a hallway into a small meeting room where they meet Mr. Johnson. She informs them that a recent run had gone bad, leaving four of the five runners bleeding out on corp property. Fortunately, the one survivor was able to confirm that they had made it far enough to retrieve what they had been hired to retrieve: Two Vials of unspecified substance.

Mr. Johnson went on to explain that Soul-Vent had been hired to clean up the scene, and were therefore in possession of the geeked runners’ bodies. She set an estimated time frame of three days before the bodies were fully processed, giving the group three objectives to complete before that time:
1. Verify that all four members of the team were dead by finding their bodies, made distinguishable by H.A.T. tattooed on each of their right shoulders.
2. Retrieve the vials from the arm of the dead troll.
3. Retrieve a bracelet from the same arm. The bracelet purportedly had sentimental value to the remaining member of the team, and it was included as part of the run because “We look after our own.”

Banshee, doing some beginning Matrix recon, accidentally knocked Soul-Vent’s entire Matrix Node off the grid, doing some serious damage to their servers, but luckily only mildly injuring himself. The team, seeing a window of opportunity, decides to do the run right then and there.

By 9:30 or so the runners had gathered a few blocks outside of Soul-Vent, scoping out the place and planning their next move. With Kopycat’s clairvoyance and Banshee’s hacking security cameras they manage to map out the building and discover that they’re not the only ones running tonight. Three security guards are dead, a dwarf is on the second floor chem labs looking for something, and the troll’s body is already in the chop shop to be processed days earlier than it should have been. Not having time to think about this curious turn of events the group jumps into action. Twitchy Dan slices through a loading bay door while 1412 and Shrike try to bypass the exterior maglock. Twitchy Dan and Shrike then head to the basement morgue/chop shop to complete the job while 1412 and Kopycat head upstairs to watch the door the dwarf is behind, all the while Banshee sits in the Matrix trying to find out who else got into the system and put the cameras on the three minute loop. The vials and bracelet are retrieved, the bodies accounted for, graffiti left on the wall of the walk-in body freezer, explosive spam left on the corp’s Matrix Node, and the team makes a hasty exit without having to frag anyone. A call is made and by 11 everyone is back at The Usual Loophole to meet with Johnson again.

She takes the vials, examines them for a moment, and satisfied places them into a case. She then congratulates the runners on a job well done, expresses her pleasure at the speed of the run, casually dismisses the complications the team ran into, and then gives them a credstick with their reward. She leaves with a wink and the lingering promise of future business opportunities.

Runners: 1412, Twitchy Dan, Kopycat, Banshee, Shrike
Mr. Johnson: Heterochromatic Elf
Date: 7-22-2072
Run Time: 4 hours
Casualties: None
Retrieved: Two Vials, Bracelet, Photos of four bodies
Payoff: ¥65,000
Karma: 6 (+1 Survival, +1 Run Completion, +1 Roleplaying, +3 First Session Bonus)

Session Quotes:

Concerning Kopycat and Twitchy Dan’s argument:
“She’s like The Little Mermaid: ’I’m 16, I’m not a little girl anymore!’ "
“Yeah, except Ariel had never murdered anyone.”

“We could try to sneak down the chimney and enter through the furnace as long as it’s off.”
“But if someone turns it on, you’re toast.”

“Working this late in the chop shop? Puts a new meaning to the graveyard shift.”
“Making ends meet.”
“The daily grind.”


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