Life in the Shadows

“That’s where real life is, kiddo. Reality’s living in the places no one wants you to see.” – Harlequin

The elusive Valefar lurks in the cracks of society; a shadow haunting the streets of Seattle. But let’s be honest, who among us hasn’t spent some time in the shadows? Fish swim, birds fly, and shadowrunners do illegal work for as much nuyen as they can con Mr. Johnson into giving them.

Who or what is Valefar? Why does Valefar have an interest in each of these runners? Is Valefar even real, or just another urban legend that runners tell to the gangers and slum-scum?

Does it really matter anyway? A job’s a job, and as long as Mr. Johnson isn’t an oversized fire-breathing lizard you’ve got a chance of making it out alive. Hell, you might even make some nuyen while you’re at it. There’s a lot of big questions out there, and maybe one day you’ll be important enough to ask them.

Welcome to the shadows, chummer.

“When Fate taps you on the shoulder, you’ve gotta pay attention! Unfortunately, she has the nasty habit of tapping you on the opposite shoulder, so that when you turn around she’s on your other side, giggling like a deranged schoolgirl. I hate that.” -Harlequin

Valefar's Vestige

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