Valefar's Vestige

Turning on the Turncoats

A different kind of Holiday Spirit

Tock called the group in and explained that Valefar had a job that might actually be catered to the team’s reputation for overkill. One of Valefar’s teams had done a job, but was refusing to turn in the item they retrieved for payment. And that was unacceptable. The team was reassured that if they ever wanted to leave H.A.T. peacefully they could, but refusing to finish a run they had accepted and completed was a form of betrayal that must be punished. The team was offered ¥10,000 for the return of the flashdrive with all the data on it, and told that additional payment may be available for any overkill within limits (civilian casualties were discouraged, but the running team they were up against were no longer protected under Honor Among Thieves).

The team was given information about the other team’s hideout (the basement level of Flamingo ) and contact information for the other team. The team ambushed an employee, stole his identity, and scouted out the arcade. They monitored as team members came and went and, after one particularly tough looking member left decided to rush the place. Some smoke bombs, many threats, and an explosive early Christmas present later the team was ready to talk. They didn’t want to give up the flashdrive, because it contained information from Aztechnology on a series of runes that could somehow be used to drain the essence out of a person and convert it into some kind of energy. The team’s face, Shorca, said that theoretically the information could be used to power a generator by killing people, or even used to create some kind of weapon out of people’s souls. They then claimed that Valefar was an AI, or at least some kind of complex VI, and giving it the knowledge of how to use people for power was not something they were morally comfortable with.

The team was slightly unnerved by this information, but they offered to exchange the other team’s lives for the flashdrive anyway. Shorca negotiated that the rest of her team be allowed to go up into their van before she handed over the drive, to help ensure that our team would be good on their word. This proved to be a good move, as the moment our team had the flash drive and verified it Eiji shot Shorca in the chest. Twice.

The team reviewed the information, verified that the other teams concerns and conclusions seemed reasonable, and then handed over the flashdrive for the original payment plus ¥5,000 a piece for making an example of the other team’s face.

Somewhere during this time frame, the group got in touch with Fang, who got them in touch with Falcon, who arranged for Shrike’s Submarine to be hidden in their Smuggler’s Cove for ¥8,000 a month plus the right to use it whenever she isn’t.

Runners: 1412, Banshee, CopyKat, Shrike, Sy-Wren, Twitchy Dan
Mr. Johnson: Tock
Date: 12-23-2072
Run Time:
Payoff: ¥15,000 each
Karma: 6 (+1 Survival, +2 Objective, +1 Threat Level, +1 Planning, +1 Roleplaying)



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