That's one hell of a Jekyll and Hyde case you got there...


Shrike.pngPhysical Description:
A 5’6" caucasian human girl with cropped blonde hair (prone to bedhead or styling, depending on your point of view) and a heart-shaped, young face. Large eyes and three moles across her nose.

Raja Al Masi
Loyalty: 4 Con: 2
A lower-tier Halloweener largely on the lookout for herself. Raja grew up in similar circumstances to Shrike and has learned to play both sides of the board. She just falls in line with whatever side is winning and gets out unscathed… most of the time. She’s fed smaller operation intel to Shrike and keeps her in the know on gang activity in exchange for favors every now and then.

Zaiah Ingram
Loyalty: 4 Con: 5
Zaiah is an information broker first and foremost. When it comes to the streets, Zaiah knows what’s going on and where. He works higher up for the Cutters, but those who have earned his friendship can usually get some intel for free. For a gangster, Zaiah is very nonviolent and timid, preferring to deal in offhanded ways with his associates to put as little bodily harm at risk as possible.

Detective Jason Rowe
Loyalty: 2 Con: 3
Rowe is a beat cop with too few collars and a lot of dead ends. Not corrupt necessarily, he has worked out a small deal with Shrike where he will look the other way on smaller transgressions in exchange for tips on local gang activity. Shrike doesn’t push the relationship too far and ask for too much, but if she has something big that won’t put her other contacts at risk, she has some good leverage with Jason.

Alliance Testimonies:
Twitchy Thoughts: A girl in need of some serious guidance. Naive, prone to acting out, doesn’t know how to take care of herself. Said another way, though, she has a child-like exuberance, and maintains a positive can-do attitude. Can only hope it stays that way. Shows some fine potential, especially breaking and entering. One day she’ll make Twitchy proud.

Zaiah Ingram: I know about Shrike to an extent— but before a certain period, she just straight up disappears. Somehow, she’s maintained this upbeat naivete, almost like she’s oblivious to the underground she’s been working in as long as I’ve known her. It’s disarming. She’s either stupid or way smarter than most give her credit for, but then again…Playing the fool has a way of getting you in the room unnoticed with people much, much above your pay grade.


With no family, close friends, or siblings to account for, it’s hard to tell where someone like Shrike came from. She doesn’t really belong to any circle, instead just coming and going as she pleases between gangs, her nondescript job at a clinic, and a tiny apartment in a forgettable part of town. One can guess she grew up doing just that, eventually weaving superficial ties to new Runner groups for a job here and there.

Somehow, she’s come this far without killing anybody or getting into too much danger… leaving many who know her wondering when the other foot is going to drop. There’s a level of worry there that we’re not sure she’s aware of. When push truly comes to shove, how is Shrike going to fare?


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