Bi-polar drug addict face


A five foot four asian girl in her mid twenties, tattooed and pierced to all shit. Head half shaved, half shoulder length fiberoptic. Tacky full sleeve biotattoo of a tiger on her right arm. Full back tattoo of bird wings (a wren’s, to be specific).
She is 100% lean muscle and a little bit jittery (or a lot bit, depending on what she’s been on recently).

Twitchy Thoughts: Vexing. Simultaneously a good teacher and a bad influence. Lives a fast and reckless lifestyle, has drug problems, and incredibly selfish. On the other hand, she’s good with a gun and better with her words. She is a valuable asset, but should be watched.


When you fail to live up to the conditions set out in your trust fund, things can get ugly. Ji Moon Young was living it up in Seattle when she got cut off by her late parents’ estate, and no actual life skills to speak of (Trust fund babies, amirite?). That being said, she wasn’t helpless.
There’s a disdain among some of the more computery types for “the meat”. In a world all cybered the hell up, sometimes the actual body falls by the wayside. Sy-Wren takes a different school of thought, part of a counter culture of hedonistic bio-bodymod fetishists. The body is her canvas, and even cut off from money, she still had several hundred thousand nuyen of biomods worked into hers.
Her rudimentary skills backed by inhumanly kickin’ physical abilities kept her alive long enough to learn how to live on the streets. She basically squats in a an abandoned apartment building in the Redmond Barrens, but she and her roommate (a hippie/mystic going by Ceilidh [Kay-lee]) have fixed the place up with bead curtains and some furniture.
Nowadays, she has an honest job as a personal trainer, but one of her clients got her into the whole shadowrunning dealio. He since kicked it, but she’s kept on running to pay for the more extreme aspects of her life.


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