Valefar's Vestige

Good Cop / Bad Cop / Dad Cop

Achievement Unlocked: Make a Conspiracy Corkboard

—Temp Summary, a better one will be posted soon

The session picks up right at the end of last session, instead of the usual month passing. The party has discovered that Eiji’s house has been broken into, and after some struggle Talia has gone missing. They gather back at the Usual Loophole, where they meet Tick, Tock, and Boom. Three exchange a glance, smash their commlinks, and burn off their H.A.T. Tattoos. They then all compare notes, the team comparing what they know with the information about Techronin that Tick, Tock, and Boom have discretely gathered over the past couple years.


The party spends hours discussing possibilities, and at one point begins to split up. Sy-Wren takes “Deep Shrike” (revealed to be Ryker), and violently interrogates her. Eiji intervenes after blood has been shed, but (as Sy-Wren was keen to point out) before any valuable information was gathered.



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